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Saved By Grace

Exalting Jesus Through Music & The Word

The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center

As an employee of The Bridge, Darrell experiences the day-to-day lives up close and in person of some of Dallas' most vulnerable citizens...the homeless. Many who feel trapped in a position of disparity and discouragement, often feeling uncared for and forgotten or ignored gather and reside at The Bridge.
Remembering that Jesus came to save “whosoever would believe” and that He died on a cross for all people, Saved By Grace began a ministry in 2018 of support and encouragement at The Bridge known as The Gospel Connection. The last Saturday of every month the Gospel is presented through song and testimony to the occupants at The Bridge. Each month different guest groups are invited to minister and with the assistance of churches and individuals in the community, the guests are also ministered to in their physical needs. Many receive blankets, socks, gloves, various hygiene and other items that they so desperately needed and appreciated. 
This event has been a blessing to us and our guest groups just as much or more than to the occupants at The Bridge. We want to follow in Jesus footsteps by meeting people right where they are and making sure they know they are loved.

About The Bridge

For more information about The Bridge, visit their website.