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Members of the Following Organizations

We are excited to be members of the following organizations!

The Gospel Music Artists Association

As an association of Gospel Music Artists, the vision of the GMAA is to be an aid and ally to those who use music and spoken word to deliver the message of Jesus Christ. Their mission is to become a valuable tool to strengthen, encourage, support and equip their members as they present their message to a lost and dying world. They strive for excellency, manifest integrity and maintain unity in the Spirit to present the optimum presentation of the Word of God in music and song.

HeavenSound Gospel Music Promotions is a web site that offers concert database, website and promotional services to gospel artists. Our system also enables artists to keep their official site schedule page always up-to-date. Music fans can easily find hundreds of concerts in their area or click on their state to see upcoming artist appearances. It seems to be a common misconception that gospel fans will be visiting hundreds of artist's schedule pages each month to see if there are any updates. THEY DON'T! HeavenSound fills in the information gap by providing a central location to find nearby concerts. Concerts that may have been booked MINUTES before they visit will be displayed. Artists posting their schedules in our database are reaching the 15,000 gospel fans that visit our site each month looking for concerts.