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Gospel Nights at Shorty's Bar-B-Q


What greater tradition is there in Texas than a big plate of Bar-B-Q? That’s exactly what Pastor Brad Greene and his wife Yolanda present to hungry customers on a daily basis at Shorty’s Bar-B-Q in Seagoville, TX.
But on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Saved By Grace and special guest singers and groups serve up a healthy and filling plate of Southern Gospel music to all of the customers at Shorty’s. Knowing that we all have a physical and spiritual need to be fed and nourished, Pastor Brad and Yolanda teamed up with Saved By Grace to make both available to those who will come and partake.
There is nothing like this in the Seagoville or surrounding area and Saved By Grace is honored and blessed to be a part of this opportunity and to see that the Gospel can be presented in a way that might reach someone who might not ever consider attending church. We hope and pray to see you there soon,

Join Us at Shorty's Bar-B-Q

Join us for great music with a timeless message at our Seagoville, Texas location! Just click here for driving directions.